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Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
, and is expected to survive. one person was detained. >>> san francisco is expecting a million visitors this weekend. that's even more people than actually live in the stiff. place will be jam packed with events. the hardly strictly blue grass festival, the america cup reyes-- races, giants playoff game, 49 ergs. >> it will probably be crowded. >> two cruise ships will port shoulders. so expect more boats than usual. the coast guard will be looking for any safety violations. >>> with all those events in san francisco, it's going to be a challenge getting in, out and around the city. ali is live with more on how public transportation agencies working to make the weekend easier. >> reporter: it's 7:00 a.m., and it's getting a little busy out here, we out to fisherman wharfs is where people will be gathering to watch the blue angles. but if you are driving to san francisco, the word is don't do it unless you have to. not only are streets going to be more crowded, but some will be partially close, bike embark darrow, it's just going to have one lane of traffic going through. the middle lane
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm PDT
is live in san francisco. the top story and the fans must be going crazy. >> yes. i had even had to quiet them down. in the distance. they have been out here because it is all about the giants. listened to some of them! >> >> peeks at tavern in the san francisco is rocking. they are doing here to hel pair scr-squad at pete's tavern. >> i was one of the same person. >> i've been wearing the same outfit and [laughter] it was drenched and champagne. and even that same garrido i was eating two years ago whenever i can do to help eating the same- burritoo i'm only going to drink anchor steam. just local. that is my superstition. >> i'm going to wear this tonight. that is my strategy. >> tar balls say that i cannot know what he said. >> and i just know that he has no idea what he-said. >> we are from the michigan! >> michigan! >> and i have family out to their card they would be really upset. >> we are traders. saree detroit. >> that looks like you have a new shirt-. >> i got mine yesterday. sorry -- detroit. they could use new fans. >> out here live they are sitting down at the bier card which
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
tuesday, more than 700 people are expected to attend a public memorial at san francisco's city hall. and then two days later, the california symphony will day tribute to a concert in walnut creek. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his re- election campaign. the president will begin the day in the central valley to dead -- for a -- for a deadcation. a dinner hosted by alice waters and then a concert with john legend follows. republican presidential momny, mitt romney is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech today at the virginia institute. coming up at 7:15, the changes that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. off to our left, you can the stage where the pumpkins will be hoisted via forklift. >> reporter: the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last year's pumpkin weighed 17,000 pounds. the grower took home an $11,000 prize. we talked to some of the contestants and they said there's a lot of
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
them to fire. a rock. . >> and a close call on the san francisco bay. >> it's the largest discipline are you action ever for the oakland police department. the punishment dozens of officers could face. >> and the early morning welcoming party that happened here at at&t park as the giants returned home for the national league series. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to morning on 2. it's saturday october 13th. >> want to check in for a peek at the weather the and the cool temperatures okay during the week but i want warmer for the weekend. >> you are in luck. we have seasonal temperatures returning. mostly clear skies in some parts, partly cloudy others, patchy fog, 40s and 50s outside the door. cooler than 24 hours ago. a warming trend will start today. >> and new, just with in the past hour the san francisco giants arrived back home. after a unbelievable win by the cardinals over the nationals they will host game one of the championship series here. we were there when they arrived with what fans are sayin
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> the man a former yahoo! executive living with his wife and kids in san francisco's valley and year ago moved to new york and just last night they were shattered aeldly by their own nanny. the krims moved to the bay area before going to manhattan and took a job at ccnbc, they found the children dead in a bathtub. the family's 50-year-old nanny was lying nearby with a knife by her side. >> we know she was referred by another family, that an employee of this family for approximately two years. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> can't imagine. >> the krims have a 3-year-old daughter who was at the swimming lesson when the stabbings occurred. police met him at jfk and told him the tragic news. as for the nanny, she's in critical condition and police are searching for a motive. >>> dueling psychiatrists, william ayers has been in and out of courtrooms having been accused of sexually abusing several young boys under his care. his original trial ended in a hung jury and prosecutors want to retry a yerz but his attorneys and two doctors at napa hospital claim he suffers from dementia. they claim
Oct 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
petaluma's santa rosa 81. downtown san francisco and around 74 degrees. many of us will be above the average high. your kron 7 day of from the bay for crass things warm-up for wednesday and thursday. thursday will feel like checking any hot spot is a pretty quiet ride from the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars out there. no problems with the metering lights you see traffic flowing freely. again traffic is moving wolfram of the approaches that drive under nine minutes toward the foot of the maze. >> we ar--golden gate bridge or cried southdown 101 no issues with visibility. no accident for those of you coming out of marin county. >> here on our traffic maps still sing green coming down the east shore freeway again the dumbarton bridge is a nice and easy ride no problems on the approach coming down the nimitz freeway i want to remind everyone that the san mateo bridge will be closed friday beginning at 10:00 p.m. stretching all weekend long scheduled to reopen monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. it >> aliya showed the race is nearly deadlocked. the address itself to step
Oct 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
,000 people who live here. the san francisco public utilities commission plugged the hole. but the water was out for 12 hours. >> we go to the tub and there's no water. >> i went to sleep with halloween makeup on. >> reporter: the water came back on saturday morning. >> it was just colored. it smelled off. >> reporter: a boil water order is now in effect because the city doesn't know if the water is safe to drink. >> we'll do sampling throughout the system of bacteriology to make sure that water is safe to drink. that process takes about 48 hours. >> reporter: people who live here seau tilt zaires are -- say utility issues are common and the infrastructure is old much of it from the 1930s including the pipe. it can't upgrade until the property is officially transferred to the city from the navy which still owns the land. it's been anarch and that welcome of atability disease -- lack of accountability has neighbors concerned. >> given the fact that our -- our ground is subject to liquefaction, given the fact that no one is -- as far as i know -- maintaining them properly. >> reporter: you
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
francisco -- alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport airport with the very latest on cancellations there. >> reporter: good morning, yes. all the way across the country, sfo being impacted by sandy. just got an impact -- just got an update. a total of 150 flights have been cancelled -- canceled. here is a look at the board this morning. there is a flight to washington, d.c. weather cancellations are being felt for many east coast destinations. >> sfo to six key cities, boston, philadelphia, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. any one trying to get to those cities may have to bait several days. most of the -- may have to wait several days. other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellation
Oct 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
the bus service into san francisco, actually picked up a lot of the people who were trying to go from one part of the northern water front to the field. and so they are kicking in an extra service and giving uni more band width to put the buses out to golden gate park. >> one more question, i think that we are all very excited about this. but concerned about how people are going to get around. and so in terms of the major hotels, are they having any type of private service that will help the people get to these venues? >> they say that they are encouraged to do that. >> the private companies can offer whatever shuttle and there is a lot sbf in that. we are working with the industry. they are helping with the brochures we hope that they will ask the people to take advantage of the augmented services that we have in place and because we have thought about destinations and hotels and centers where visitors coming, union square, the warf and the cbd there, they probably don't need to run shuttles if they are marketing the services we have already got up and running and that actually worked ou
Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
1500 teachers and support staff. it also means cuts of about $17 million to san francisco state, $16 million to san jose state, $9 million to cal state east bay and $5 million to sonoma state. >> trigger cuts are really blackmail frankly. i think they are put in there designed to force taxpayers to approve this measure and i don't appreciate being blackmailed. >> reporter: and indeed, one of the questions voters ask is, will lawmakers really go through with such unpopular cuts? or will they scramble to find some money elsewhere? what are the chances of reversing course after november? >> again, i can't speculate. all i can tell you is our options are very few if any. >> reporter: why not just wait until after the voters have their say and then do the cuts? >> because then to have our balanced budget this year we would have had to make the very cuts we're talking about right now back in june. >> reporter: so why not do it? >> not only would it of course have been politically more difficult and causing pain potentially unnecessarily because voters we still hope will pass prop 30. >> r
Oct 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
fish -- fisherman's wharf and the golden gate bridge. >> san francisco how bad can it be. >> reporter: for others staying is not an option. the doctor has paints scheduled for chemotherapy. he flew -- has patients scheduled for chemotherapy therapy >> st. louis through denver, three hour layover and drive to massachusetts, 22 hours. >> logistical nightmare. >> it mess. i hope we are safe driving. >> reporter: ellen cannes wait for her flight -- can't wait for her flight tomorrow. >> yesterday i had to spend the whole day getting my meds. he i had to take care of running around because i was stuck. >> that was lilian kim reporting from sfo. terry mcsweeney at sfo has given us information there may be some hope that a few flights to the east coast out you of sfo may resume today. we'll keep tracking that. for up-to-date information on flight cancellations and delays, go to the flight tracker >>> bay area pitching in to help communities hit by the aftermath of hurricane sandy. members of the california national guard are headed east, 88 troops took off yesterday. they repor
Oct 26, 2012 5:00am PDT
have to know where to look for them. bob redell is live in san francisco with some insight on this and let you know just how deep you'll have to dig in your pocket to make it to detroit and actually get into the ball game. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. you actually have to have a huge chunk of change if you're going to follow the team to detroit. the team we understand is leaving on a charter flight out of sfo at 9:30 this morning. if they follow the same pattern as they did in 2010, they'll be boarding buses here at the 2nd street gate at at&t park around 9:00 this morning. and in 2010 they did have barricades up here so fans could be standing there. if the players wanted to come over and sign autographs, tt sort of thing, they did. so if you are thinking of saying a farewell to the team wishing them a nice bon voyage as they head to the city, we think 9:00 they'll be boarding the buses here at at&t park. if you're thinking of following them, we found one travel outfit out of massachusetts, sports travel and, a one game package incl
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
that person with everything. >> people in the san francisco neighborhood that family used to call home, what they are saying about this tragedy. >>> also this man says he just wanted to do some good by don e donating bld, but the donation led to a bone-eating infection. >>> and hurricane sandy already hitting the east coast. >>> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking the path of hurricane sandy. we'll have that coming up. >>> also our own forecast has some much warmer temperatures coming our way this weekend. we'll have full details and how long this 80-degree weather lasts coming up. >>> it has sent a chill down every parent's spine from new york to here in the bay area. a nanny entrusted to care for children stabs them to death and then tries to kill herself. police say that's what happened in new york. but the family had up until recently lived here in san francisco's family friendly haven of milli valley. moms and dads there are stunned, shaken and pained by that tragedy. nbc bay area's jane elle is live. it's just stunning. >> reporter: parents here, jessica, are shaken
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
mallicoat. let's get right out to san francisco civic center plaza. anne makovec is there in her orange ready for a big giants celebration. >> reporter: this is where the parade is going to end up this morning. you can see hundreds of people already packing the lawn in front of san francisco's city hall coming from all over the bay area all over the state. everybody is wearing their orange and black. so the presentation will start in front of city hall at 12:30. the parade starts at the base of market street at 11:00 and it is going to work its way straight down market street. that's a little different from the route it took in 2010. it is all going to be on market street. and again, end here at civic center plaza. of course, we have all the coverage for you but it's already packed. public transportation is already packed. so just watch the parade on tv if you are not big enough it brave these crowds. frank, back to you. >> if you are not en route, you might be out of luck. anne makovec live for us in san francisco. that all important weather forecast and traffic, too, for the parade a
Oct 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
had to do a lot of cheering before san francisco got on the board in the seventh. and the flores family never gave up. >> i cheer for san francisco. >> we won, baby. >> reporter: with two games under their belt, giants fans all over the bay area, can taste a world series win. 42,000 at the ballpark. >> let's go, giants. >> reporter: and thousands more inside bars, outside in alleys and cruising in mccovey cove. beating detroit is personal. >> i'm born and raised in san francisco. so, it's a local pride thing. >> reporter: fans are taking pride in their players. pablo, the panda sandoval is the top request. >> hitting three home runs yesterday. >> reporter: now, all about a team effort on the road in detroit. but not everyone is looking for a four-game sweep. >> giants in six. they'll come back here. they'll win it in front of the fans. they didn't do it in 2010. >> reporter: wherever they win, giants fans are counting on enjoying that moment. i talked to a lot of giants fans tonight, with big dreams about going to detroit. we'll have to see how much orange and black shows up at t
Oct 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, whether it is bike or transit and what we like is that you just have a great time in san francisco that weekend. i think that people are going to sample a little bit of everything and that is exactly what we want them to do. >> okay tu, very much. >> thank you, and everyone who put so much time and effort into this. >> thank you. >> item 9 b, information presentation on the progress from plans to projects for the 69-acre pier 70 site located near the intersection of 20th and illinois streets. >> thank you. >> deputy director of planning and development i have it as cuing up the powerpoint. let me take this moment to just explain how we are going to present this information. we will give you a little bit of history on the pier 70 as well as going through the plan itself. focus in on the key developments that we are working on and introduce the team that is going to be working on pier 70 or is working on pier 7 and talk a little bit about next steps. so just to remind you where pier 70 is located just south of mission bay you can see from this graphic. just along the water just south
Oct 8, 2012 12:00am PDT
. two developers were selected, aand b, and then the san francisco art institute. but neither of those developments went forward. >> and in both cases, the developer has indicated that the projects were not feasable that the air was not ripe and it was too isolated. we began negotiations in 2004, th explore torium about moving to pier 70. again those negotiations were not successful for a lot of the same reasons. it found that the two isolated and as we know now they have indicated in the northern water front. but their partners... as well, with the concerns about the lack of plan for the over all pier 70 as one of the draw backs to moving forward with that development. >> so that to bring this to the briefly to the playing process for pier 70. and in 2001, or 2001 to 2009, the planning development who was developing the eastern neighbor's plans and which also included a central water front which pier 70 is a part of. to inform the plan and to address the concerns that the developers that we had tried to move forward with in early 2000, this raised which started the process of developi
Oct 5, 2012 6:30pm PDT
made it tough whenever voters were in the big city. a specialist in francisco. >> the problem with san francisco is that women's suffrage as an idea was associated. >> susan b. anthony joined the provision party. a deadly idea in san francisco. liquor was the foundation of the economy. and >> anything that touched on the possibility of prohibition was greatly and popular. >> the first campaign was a great effort, but not a success. >> the war was not over. less than one decade later, a graphic protests brought new life to the movement. >> women's suffrage, the republican convention in oakland, this time it was the private sector response. 300 marched down the streets of the convention center. women were entitled to be here. >> joining together for another campaign. >> women opened a club in san francisco. it was called the votes for women club. if she could get the shopkeepers to have lunch, she could get them to be heard literature. the lunch room was a tremendous success. >> it was the way that people thought about women willing to fight for a successful campaign. what happened was,
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
prices soared to the highest in the nation. average gallon of gas $4.74 in san francisco, $4.68 in oakland and $4.67 in san jose. now, with prices going through the roof, cbs 5 reporter phil matier tells us state leaders have opened a federal investigation. i have heard this before, phil. we actually going to see them do anything? >> reporter: that remains to be seen. but you know, ken, what you also have seen before was the time when the gas prices are going through the roof, people still have no choice but to fill up. and that's what's got politicians on the hot seat. here's the story. >> yeah. anywhere helps i guess. >> probably political ex- subpoenaed yhency. >> reporter: that was a sampling of the reaction today at this open gas station to word in a governor brown had issued an order to allow higher polluting winter gas blend to be sold in the state early in the wake of this week's pump prices. >> i took the action that the state can and that is to change the blend in the gasoline so there's more fuel available which should drive down the price. >> reporter: california
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, and they are certainly ready for the crowds. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right. tickets to be inside the ballpark about $400 to $4,000. >> $400 for standing room only. oh my goodness. >> so it's not a bad option to be at a local bar. >>> inside the park, maybe the most compelling story line for the giants this season, the barry zito revival, and he is pitching tonight. >> but it won't be easy. zito and the giants are facing one of the top pitchers in all of baseball. let's bring in jaymee sire from comcast sportsnet as we count down to the first pitch. >> this marks the first time that two cy young award winners will face off in game one of the world series. and the giants certainly have their work cut out with them with justin verlander, who is averaging more than a strikeout per inning. he is 3-0 with a .47 e.r.a. >> we know what great stuff he has. you're walking one of the elite pitchers ever in the game, as hard as he throws and his other pitches. you hope your hitters look forward to seeing him and do all they can to compete to make something happen. >> wh
Oct 10, 2012 4:30am EDT
. bill, that's our christmas gift to each other. >>> coming up, san francisco stays alive, a bountygate update and the space jump will have to wait. >>> plus, the athletics steal game three from the tigers. your sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> i thought my gift to lynn was a nice, beautiful dry day today. that wouldn't last too long. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. in sports, san francisco and oakland win to force a game four in both series. it was an exciting one. we'll begin in cincinnati though. with two outs and two on in the top of the tenth, the giants joaquin arias hit the grounder to third. he bobls the ball giving arias enough time to score for a 2-1 giants victory. >>> to oakland where the athletics get a hit and rbi single in the first inning and seth smith belted a home run to right center giving oakland a 2-1 victory over the tigers. >>> aside from the two big hits the a's relied on their pitching and defense. >>> oakland outfield jericho could he crisp makes a leaping grab to rob a would be home run by prince field jeer
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, at least for san francisco standards. we're going to to see things split quite a bit here from that san francisco sunshine. let's get a look on the doppler radar. detroit is dealing with a storm system. the good news by tomorrow that will be shifting to the east. and that will leave detroit with mainly a few showers. but look at these temperatures. they'll be in the 40s for game three on saturday. also the wind beginning to pick up. downright cold on sunday with upper 30s and low 40s. and by monday, windy, 15 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. it will be dry, but windchills could be in the low 30s. we may actually get a few snowflakes by the end of game five. so drastically different conditions for both teams, no matter what f you're used to playing in this kind of weather or not. it will be impacting everyone out there at the field. now, if you're traveling here in california by plane, or you're doing any traveling at all the next seven dwarks have hurricane sandy across the east coast. winds at 75 miles per hour, will be impacting millions of people. right now the storm track does have this p
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
harvest moon in san francisco and the golden gate bridge, clearly visible here in the background. this is an indication no low clouds, no natural coolant coming off the pacific to keep us mild later on. it's going to be 80 degrees in san francisco. 52 in oakland, 55 to start in sunnyvale. let's take you to your hour-boy-hour forecast for livermore. stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., up to 90 degrees at 1:00. keep on climbing throughout the heat of the day, which comes in about 3:30, 4:00 p.m. 103 degrees in livermore today. 101 in concord, 80 degrees in san francisco. the good news is, though, jon kelley, temperatures drop off as we head through the middle of the week and then we hit the 70s and maybe showers by the weekend. so lots happening here. >> 25-degree drop. thank you very much, smoking out there. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're pack in a half hour with more local updates. the "today" show rolls on. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ >>> have you ever wanted to see the world just like a bird? well, you have t
Oct 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
classic, fans in detroit and san francisco just counting the hours until tonight's game. it is game one of the world series. they are hyped. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll begin with the sprint to the finish line. over the next 13 days president obama and mitt romney will criss-cross the count industry and leap-frog the campaign. all the med fors you like as they try to lock down votes in states still considered toss-ups. this morning the president kicks off a two-day around-the-clock blitz around six battle ground states with a raleigh in davenport, iowa. then on to denver, colorado. then to los angeles for a taping there. then it is back to a late-night event in las vegas. for mitt romney he recollects has campaign events in reno, nevada, tonight, and then cedar rapids, iowa. it is a mouthful with dana bash following the fight to the finish. she is joining us live in the studio. dana, what is the map? what are the travels these candidates are doing over the next two, three, four, five days of the race? >>
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
called "making change at walmart." they came on buses from dallas, miami, washington and san francisco. >> cenk: when you see the disparity between what the walmart owners have and what the rest of the country has, it is stunning. especially when they don't give their workers the benefits that they need. now, we're also going to talk about a guy who says, you know what i'll fire all my workers if obama is re-elected. get a load of this guy. >> he never thought up to big the biggest house in america. it just kind of happened. >> it's bigger than the white house. >> full size baseball field. [ ♪ music ♪ ] tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct. [ ryan ] it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp just $14.99! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted shrimp. hurry in, offer ends soon! i'm ryan isabell and i see food differently. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: david seagull the ceo of westgate properties. he's westgate reso
Oct 10, 2012 10:00pm PDT
." they came on buses from dallas, miami, washington and san francisco. >> cenk: when you see the disparity between what the walmart owners have and what the rest of the country has, it is stunning. especially when they don't give their workers the benefits that they need. now, we're also going to talk about a guy who says, you know what i'll fire all my workers if obama is re-elected. get a load of this guy. >> he never thought up to big the biggest house in america. it just kind of happened. >> it's bigger than the white house. >> full size baseball field. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct. nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ] allstate. they can b
Oct 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
pled not guilty in the case. >>> and halfway to the title, san francisco giants won game two of the world series, beating the detroit tigers 2-0. now the series moves to the motor city where it has game three tomorrow night. >>> 7:19. back to matt and savannah. >> thanks. back to al in florida for the rest of his forecast. >> reporter: thanks so much, matt. the seas still pretty angry as sandy continues to make its trek to the north as we continue to watch it. there's other weather going on as we take a look for our friends on the west coast. we have a lot of wet weather making it to the pacific northwest. also snow making its way into the mountains there. very chilly conditions through the rockies and into the cascades. and we also have santa ana winds to worry about, that's right, big area of high pressure dominating, low pressure between it, and that means winds that could gust up to 55 miles per hour in the passes, higher >>> a pretty nice day setting up for the bay area. showers way off to the north and will be staying there the next few days. temperatures mostly in the
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
obama paid tribute saying he was a statesman of great conscience and conviction. >>> the san francisco giants did it again facing yet another elimination game. the giants beat the cardinals to force a decisive game seven tonight. joe is in for carlos. all right. >> the giants, they are on a thrilling, thrilling ride. it's been fun for fans to watch. it's like a never say die journey for this team. they've been on the ropes but refuse to get knocked out. san francisco beat st. louis yesterday, 6-1, to force a game seven. you know that's the sexiest two words in sports, game seven. that's tonight. the giants broke it open early scoring four runs in the second and starting pitcher vogelsong gave up one run through seven innings. struck out a career high nine batters. the cardinals, now they were up three games to one in the series but now we're all squared, 3-3. the winner tonight, of course, goes on to play detroit in the world series. >>> jonathan vilma back. vilma's eligible to play while he appeals his suspension for his involvement in the bounty scandal. now he seemed to provide a mu
Oct 10, 2012 2:00am PDT
impossible to walk in. >>> san francisco stays alive, a bountygate update, and the space jump will have to wait. plus the athletics steal game three from the tigers. that's all coming up in sports. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands? so i switched to tide total care to keep all my colors looking great. and by all her colors she means... black. my wife's a ninja. i'm not a ninja. i'm a ninja. that's my tide for keeping blacks black. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrai
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
start with breaking news. a massive fire at a san francisco restaurant right now affecting three main muni lines in the city this morning. christie smith is on the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. big impact on the west portal neighborhood and for commuters trying to get to work this morning. i want to show you the reason first and that is because the squat & gobble restaurant on west portal still burning this morning. partial collapse of the roof. it also spread to a wine bar, dental office and two r residential units, likely started in the kitchen. big impact on the muni k, l and m lines, not runny because they can't get through the we west portal tunnel. i wanted to show you a picture back here live. the trains sit here, the people get off and get on a bus. the l line goes to 19th. no word on when the tunnel will reopen. in san francisco, i'm christie smith. jon, back to you. >> thank you very much. of course the muni lines heavily affected. mike inouye will talk about traffic. what's it look like? >> k, l and m lines all affected. we'll show you the
Oct 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
live from san francisco. and jeff, before i tap into your extraordinary wealth of expertise on the supreme court and get your insight, i want to lay some groundwork and let our colleague, joe johns, come in first and tell everyone just more about how this case came to be. >> reporter: abigail fisher dream of going to the university of texas at austin for most of her life. after applying, she didn't get in. attending louisiana state university instead. but the rejection from ut led fisher to file a lawsuit against the school claiming she was squeezed out, unfairly denied admission because of her race. she's white. she said in a statement, "there were people in my class with lower grades who weren't in all the activities i was in who were being accepted into ut, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin." she declined an interview with cnn. edward blum recruited abigail fisher to file the lawsuit. >> the most important question is should a university judge a student by his or her skin color when it comes time for admission? and the answer is no. >> rep
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
. in the national league san francisco headed on to the nlcs, top of the fifth, giants delivers a knock out punch to the reds. grand slam home run makes it 5-0. giants win 6-4 and come back from a two game deficit to win the series. in washington the nationals keep their post-season dreams alive. a walkoff home run. nats stop the card 2-1 and force a decisive game five tonight. in the nfl the steelers go on the road to face the titans, pittsburgh up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. tennessee ties it on a five yard touchdown catch. steelers trying to take the lead with a late field goal. and coming up short on a 54-yard. that gives the titans one more shot. titans win it 26-23. we'll talk about this. let's talk about michael vick. he's now a dog owner. he spent time in prison on dogfighting charges. he's not allowed to have a dog during probation. he said he wants his children to develop a healthy relationship with animals. this week he was questioned about whether he owned a dog after a picture showed him with an open box of dog biscuit on the table. if you look closely it's there on the tab
Oct 3, 2012 9:30am PDT
throughout the country, but specifically, related to their efforts in san francisco, and their admission and development that has a similar approach and will have a good, prototype for the kind of things that they want to do at the pier 70. >> in addition, i wanted to talk just briefly about the hill site. now the hill site has not been offered for development. we are not moving forward with that at this time. it is the remnant of irish hill and two development sites. one at the corner and 20th and illinois the south east corner that is owned by the port. but the other at the corner of 22nd and illinois. with all of the hoe down yard but the property is owned by pg&e. those sites make-up the hill subarea. but, we believe that the development of those sites should be informed by what city, in particular, and what orton development group does on their developments that are adjacent. so, those, that those two development opportunities should work closely with the other partners that we have selected. >> so i am going to stop there and ask, kathleen to talk a bit about the 20th street core
Oct 22, 2012 4:30am EDT
, and a game seven tonight in the national league championship series. in san francisco, the giants' ryan vogelsong struck out nine, a career best. and marco scutaro hit a two-run double as the giants beat the cards 6-1. tonight's winner will face detroit in the world series starting wednesday. >>> now to the nfl sunday night game. pittsburgh broke a tie with cincinnati in the fourth quarter on an 11-yard burst. the steelers beat the bengals 24-17. eli manning pulled out another dramatic fourth quarter comeback with a 77-yard bomb in the closing minutes to victor cruz. the giants get an exciting 27-23 win over washington, and here he goes. cruz celebrating with his famed salsa dance. look at him go. other action in the nfl. drew brees and the saints beat tampa bay. green bay's aaron rodgers tossed three scoring passes as the packers got their fourth straight victory 30-20 over st. louis. college football now, alabama still number one in the bcs rankings, with florida in second place. kansas state moved up to number three with a win over west virginia. oregon is fourth. notre dame rounds o
Oct 1, 2012 2:05am EDT
yesterday. this could be the warmest day of the year in san francisco. seattle is pleasant and dry. >>> little weakake-up call for parents. how much tv do you think your kids are watching? a few hours a day. probably a lot more. researchers say, children between the ages of 8 months and 8 years are exposed to nearly four hours of background television every day. and kids in the poorest families even more. they were exposed to between 5 and 6 hours every day. the solution, the authors of the study recommend turning off the tv at meal and play times. ironically, i let my kids watch a program in the morning before school. and then usually one during dinner because -- >> during dinner. the sacred hour? >> they eat their food. >> they are young. very young actually. >> the only way i can set them to sit at the table and eat. >> they're younger than i mentioned. >>> as long as kids are getting out and exercising and doing home work and all the other things me personally, i watched a ton of cartoons as a kid. and like i said it didn't do me any damage. >> damage, huh. >> far as i know. >>
Oct 23, 2012 2:35am EDT
to san francisco. off and on showers, upper midwest, great lakes and northeast. >> 60s from boston to new york. 70s from indianapolis to colorado springs. 80s across the south. 50s in the pacific north west. >>> well, the mother and daughter who own a new hampshire riding farm lost 14 horses when their barn burned last month. but now, they're welcoming a survivor. they thought dumbo the cat had been lost, until after the fire they were out looking for the ashes. >> their pig, miss colby seemed to be on a mission. she led them to the woods where they found gumbo, badly burned but alive. home from the hospital and doing just fine thankfully. >> the happy animal story on the overnights. very lucky for dumbo. >>> coming up we will sit down with senior washington editor rick klein to get his take on last night's big debate. >> later, important new recommendations for women. issued new guidelines for pap tests. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. follow the wings. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits a
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Oct 28, 2012 3:00am PDT
in '66. let's show what you happened last night. top two, really all the offense. this san francisco giants team would need. and it came here, a triple from gregger blanco and he might be the mvp in the series, terrific in left field and comes through with another clutch hit there and 1-zip giants. later on in the inning, blanco would trot home on a crawford single and go up two. that ball misplayed like so many others for the tigers team through this three game series. the biggest play of the night came in the fifth, chance of mvp for triple crown winner, miguel cabrera, bases loaded, popped out, to end the threat. and the mvp, and his buddy, prince fielder, 3 hits combined in three world series games. they are lifeless the pitching has been spectacular for the san francisco giants and it was again last night and vogelsong 5 and 2/3 shutout innings and his career took him to venezuela and japan and he's really battled through it all. two time cy young winner tim lincecum, seven outs, no hits, another candidate for the mvp in the series, 2-zip was your final, sergio romo got the stag
Oct 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
leaves san francisco this morning, and then he heads to columbus, ohio where he is speaking at ohio state university. mitt romney is hosting an event at the koch family farm and then heads to a rally. several news outlets are pointing out how similar mitt romney's plan is to president obama's. his goal yesterday was to outline a stark contrast to president obama. as think progress notes there are at least four major areas where romney and the president's plan are nearly identical. one is afghanistan. both plan to transfer power to local security forces by the end of 2014. syria, romney wants to give aid to neighboring states. number 3 is iran where both romney and the president say the country should not have access to nuclear weapons. plus yesterday romney promised to restore aircraft carrier groups to the region but we already have one in the gulf. and romney attacked the president for not signing a single agreement in the last four years, but he is wrong. mr. obama has signed agreements with south korea, and panama. we'll be right back. growing up i had a sin
Oct 23, 2012 1:40am PDT
inches in the northern rockies. lingering rain from seattle to san francisco. scattered showers around fargo, minneapolis, chicago, and detroit. also, in new york and new england. >> 60s in the northeast. not bad for getting late october. mostly 70s in the midwest. and in the plains. 80s in dallas, miami, and new orleans. >>> 80s. always nice. >> 80s in october. beautiful. >>> well, coming up, the ever-shrinking family home, how cozy is now cool. >> we know about cozy in new york. >>> first forget all the robocalls, political candidates these days are taking what they're calling targeted advertising to a whole new level. why you may get different ads than your neighbors. you're watching "world news now." ♪ advertising man >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up s
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
. we've got a much cooler scenario to look forward to. over san francisco, no pickup for old glory, as we have very calm wind. winds will pick up and shift out the west today. your temperatures are going to drop about ten degrees. no more triple digit heat. we're only expecting the mid-90s in the warmest cities across the bay. just 78, down from 97, in san francisco, yesterday. 82 degrees in oakland. >> and that's your latest weather. caved? >> al, thank you very much. >>> coming up next, an nbc news investigation, why experts say the most popular kind of smoke detectors don't work well in some of the deadliest fires. that's right after this. so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade... what are you lookin' at? i wasn't... not looking at anything... we're not good enough for you. must be supermodels? what do you model gloves? brad, eat a snickers. why? 'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey c
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
ran back to mexico. >>> it will be a parade of giants this afternoon in san francisco for the world series champions. the san francisco giants swept the detroit tigers in four games. the team's second title in three years. >>> and think you have a great pumpkin this halloween night? a washington state man carved his pumpkin to be a portable version of the tetris video game. he carved the grid, loaded it up with l.e.d. lights and you can actually play the game. the pumpkin's stem is the joy stick. >>> tallying up the damage from superstorm sandy, cnbc's jackie deangeles is here with what's moving your money and even the initial numbers are staggering. >> reporter: that's exactly right. ihs global insight saying the superstorm could end up costing about $20 billion in property damage and $30 billion in lost business and those figures could be elevated when you account for flood damage as well. a lot of people don't have extra insurance for floods. meantime longer term the storm may not pack as much of a punch. some economists are saying slightly lower growth in the coming weeks will b
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